Urinal Fresh Injection System1 piece

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The smell in toilets and toilet buildings can sometimes be repulsive and even deter visitors to use the toilet.
The problem is the assessment of urinary stone that gives bacteria a chance to multiply .
This can make the toilet despite frequent cleaning not completely clean and get the urine smell prevailed.
Even bigger problem like urinary are stone clogged pipes ! With Urine Off Urinal Fresh injector urine stains permanently deleted and the urine smell from the toilets disappears.
By running at every rinse Urine Off with the water automatically also prevents future blockages and unpleasant odor. The Urine Off Urinal Fresh Injection System is easy to install and refill.

The Urine Off Urinal Fresh Injection System is a revolutionary development in the field of toilet hygiene and odor !
Urinals will now smell clean because they are clean. The system is refillable with bottles of 1 liter or 3.8-liter cans .

Installation is quick and easy to achieve.
The reservoir will have to be filled every three weeks, the system uses no batteries .

For detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions , go to the section ' Customer Service ' .

Manual / Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) / Safety Datasheet (English)
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