Bag in crate system

Article number: SMIJS8008
It is hard to avoid urine stains from your pet in your carpet if they walk loose in your living room.
Sometimes you dont even know they urine in your living room until you have to deal with the pungent smell of urine! 

Try once again to get the place clean, worse is the problem if you do not even know where the urine is!

The handy Urine Finder is easy to find and after using Urine Off Carpet you can see with this light itself if the urine is completely removed , or that post-treatment is needed .

Urine Off Carpet namely removes even the most stubborn stains and odors , because it acts as the sole detergent on uric acid crystal.

The unique eco-friendly formula of enzymes and bacteria , combined with a light lemon scent , will guarantee a fresh home again !

Everything about the unique benefits of Urine Off Carpet and what to do if your carpet or flooring has already been discussed with other cleaning products can be found at Customer Service .
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