UrineOff Spray 1 Litre

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MultiPurpose Urine Off is the only product that is suitable for removing both human and animal urine entire surface of all kinds.

As a dog owner , you know better than anyone how much trouble dog urine can give. It cannot be cleaned properly in cages , baskets or even your furniture or carpet. Whether it's an older , incontinent dog , a young puppy , or multiple dogs together who mark their territory.

The unique formula of Urine Off , which is based on a special combination of enzymes and bacteria , creates effortless removal of stubborn by uric acid crystal.
A stain or odor often seems to be gone but you will notice that only Urine Off proves to be effective .

Urine Off When used in conjunction with our special roughened mop you are assured of success!

The mild and environmentally friendly formula Urine Off is suitable for cleaning all materials such as textiles , wood and joints .
For the professional user, we have a solution , the bag-in - crate system , it works as follows :
* The concentrated product is confirmed in the crate .
* The pocket where the concentrated product occupants filled with water .
* The crate is closed and the product can be used by means of the convenient tap to the crate .
* Once exhausted , the empty bag is removed from the crate and to be discarded. After this, the water make-up can be mounted again in the crate and to be filled with water .

For detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions , go to the section ' Customer Service ' .

Manual / Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) / Safety Datasheet (English)

Pup herkende door UrineOff niet meer waar hij had geplast, werkt dus echt!

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