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Urine Off MultiPurpose is the one and only producat that is suitable to entirely remove human as well as animal urine from all kinds of surfaces.

Is your cat leaving urine all over your most valuable furniture and you do not know how to get rid of the stains and odor of the accidents. You have tried everything, but the pungent smell of urine keeps coming back? Just when you think the smell is finally gone, you smell it again ?

Through a unique combination of enzymes and bacteria Urine Off multipurpose is the solution for your odor problem .

The formula is designed to remove the stubborn and invisible uric acid crystal. Where other cleaners are only good for the superficial cleaning or odor masking , Urine Off penetrates through to the core of the problem and solves it . Make it yourself with our Urine Finder. You are guaranteed spots the boss! Odors and even older stains disappear from your furniture or carpet , so your cat does not even recognize his own fragrance!

Also for wholesale , we have a solution , the bag-in - crate system , it works as follows :
* The concentrated product is confirmed in the crate .
* The pocket where the concentrated product occupants filled with water .
* The crate is closed and the product can be used by means of the convenient tap to the crate .
* Once empty, the empty bag is removed from the crate and to be discarded and a new one can be used. 

After this, the water make-up can be mounted again in the crate and to be filled with water .

For detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions , go to the section ' Customer Service ' .     
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