Bag in crate refill (1 x 19 ltr)

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MultiPurpose Urine Off is the only product that is suitable for removing both human and animal urine entire surface of all kinds.

Multi -Purpose Cleaner 19 liter Bag-In - Crate refill . Box: 4 x 19 liters.

Wherever you are, a urine smell is always unmistakable, pungent and irritating! Especially in public restroom buildings , health care facilities or schools , the smell of urine accidents is a major source of annoyance for users and visitors. And what of the spots that urine can give. Especially older stains often seem impossible to get away.

For all materials ranging from laminate to joints and tile to hardwood, you can use Urine Off Multipurpose.
It solves the problems literally! Through a balanced combination of enzymes and bacteria, specially selected for their ability to remove the stubborn uric acid crystal you are guaranteed from the urine inconvenience .

Use Urine Off Multipurpose combined with Urine Finder and our napped cloth and you will see that urine nuisance is history! 
Available in 1 liter spray bottle. 19 liter bag in crate, refill 3.8 liter can. For detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions , go to the section ' Customer Service ' .

Manual / Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) / Safety Datasheet (English)
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