UrineOff Can 3.8 Litre

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Urine-off bathroom cleaner. Urine odor and urine stains in and around toilets, urinals, baths and showers can through urine off bathroom cleaner to be addressed.

It provides a fresh scent of your bathroom.

Your bathroom is freed from penetrating foul odor, usually caused by urine and urine stone.

Regular use (weekly) is recommended. Not only for immediate results, but also preventative results. 

Importantly, in use, is not to clean the treated surface but leave it on the surface for a while to make it work and give the natural enzymes the opportunity to break down.
The product is not harmful to the environment and humans. Urine-off bathroom cleaner can be used on every surface. It is excellent for treatment of joints and tiles.

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Manual / Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) / Safety Datasheet (English)
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